Whom did the people of Indus Valley Civilization worship?


1. Vishnu

2. Pashupati

3. Indra

4. Brahma

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The correct answer is Pashupati

Whom did the people of Indus Valley Civilization worship📝Important Points

  • Pashupati

    • Pashupati is believed by Hindus to be an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva “lord of the animals”.
    • He is revered by Shaivites throughout the Hindu world in general Pashupatinath means lord of all animals.

💡Releted information 

Indus Valley Civilization
• It is one of the oldest civilizations of the world along with Mesopotamia in Iraq on the banks of River Tigris & the Ancient Egypt civilization on the banks of river Nile.
• It is also known by the name of Harappan civilization because Harappa was the 1st & important site.
• It includes the whole of Pakistan and some parts of India, Afghanistan & Iran.
• It belongs to the Bronze Age.

Additional Information


• Vishnu is one of the members of the Trimurti in Hinduism.
• Vishnu is the preserver god, which means he protects the universe from being destroyed and keeps it going.
• Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune.
• Lord Vishnu is usually shown with light blue skin and four arms.


• Indra is a guardian deity in Buddhism and the king of the highest heaven called Saudharmakapa in Jainism.
• He is also an important deity worshipped in the Kalasha religion.
• In the Vedas Indra is the king of Svarga along with his capital city Amaravati and the Devas.


• Brahma is one of the principal deities of Hinduism
• He is also referred to as Svayambhu and is associated with the creation
• Brahma is frequently identified with the Vedic god Prajapati.

The Indus civilization:

The Indus civilization is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world. These four civilizations are – Indus Civilization, Mesopotamian Civilization, Egyptian Civilization and Chinese Civilization.

This civilization belonged to the prehistoric age. Also this civilization was copper-stone or bronze age civilization.

• The Indus Civilization was named by historian Sir John Marshall.

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