Which gas is most abundant in the atmosphere?


A. Oxizen
B. Nitrogen
C. CO2
D. Hydrogen

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✔️Correct answer is Nitrogen 

✍️ Some more information:
The atmosphere is made up of a mixture of different gases, the extent of the atmosphere can be observed up to 10 thousand kilometers above the earth’s surface.
Layers of the Atmosphere: The atmosphere consists of different layers, the first layer from the surface is the troposphere, followed by the troposphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, and finally the magnetosphere.

Carbon dioxideCO20.035%

🔑Keypoint :

  1. Some of the inert gases in the atmosphere are helium, krypton, xenon, radon, neon, all these gases that do not react with any other gas in the atmosphere are called inert gases.

  2. Of all the layers of the atmosphere, only the troposphere has the highest concentration of dust and water vapor
  3. Nitrogen gas first discovered by Daniel Rutherford 
  4. Oxygen Gas (O2) Oxygen gas, also known as dioxygen, is a chemical element with the symbol O and atomic number 8.
  5. Carbon dioxide is the most responsible gas for the global warming  of the atmosphere. This gas is 49% responsible for increasing of temperature of atmosphere.  
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