Direction: Use the right preposition


He deals ………………. Cosmetic goods . ( WBCS Preliminary -2020 )

(A) of
(B) with
(C) in

The correct answer is option (C) In 

Keypoint :-

  • Let us explain the given option 
  1. Using the Preposition “of”

    It can be used to help quantify a time or measurement (e.g., “the fifth of September” or “three pounds of potatoes”) and even identify a location (e.g., “south of India”), but it can also create more general relationships between objects and their nouns.

  2.  The Preposition “With” means Having and holding something.
  3. Preposition “In” is used while doing something .
  4. The Preposition “On” to refer a state. 
So the correct ans of this question is “In “
Addditional Information 
Use “in” with parts of the day (not specific times), months, years, and seasons. He reads in the evening. The weather is cold in December. She was born in 1996

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